We did it

Nobody, NOBODY expected a 58-42 result. We made political history tonight. YOU made political history. Your voices, and your stories, made the difference.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the trust you placed in me. I’m humbled beyond belief to have been able to stand up and speak for all of us.

About Atlee Breland

I'm a Mississippian, a Christian, a computer programmer, a wife, and -- thanks to infertility treatment -- a mother of three wonderful children.
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19 Responses to We did it

  1. Nel says:

    I am so relieved for you all, from good old Europe congratulations on remaining free people, who have the right to decide for themselves. No stranger shall ever have legal rights over a womans own body but herself!

    God gave humans a brain to think for themselves and to choose for themselves!

    I am really happy for you all!

  2. Amanda says:

    I do not live in Mississippi, so I could not vote for this, but I do have 2 teenage neices that live in Mississippi and I feared for their reproductive rights and choices should this pass. That fear was compounded by the fact that my sister (their mother) is the type who would vote yes on this. In fact I learned about the initiative when my sister in law posted on her facebook page in support of it and urged her friends to vote yes. The facebook page she linked led me to this one (don’t remember if the link was in the comments on that page or in the comments on a news article linked from that page). I just want to say THANK YOU to the voters of Mississippi for seeing this for what it was and voting NO. If it could pass in Mississippi, it could pass in my home state of Florida and, frankly that scared the crap out of me. Know that your vote not only helped women in your state, it helped women in every state in America!

  3. brian says:

    this should of been a easy decision mississippi. the election results were way too close. our women and our daughters deserve the right to decide what they want to do with their bodies reguardless of how others feel about it. i am a father, and a catholic, and i still wont let that get in the way of my common sense. my grandfather fought and was wounded in WWII protecting MY rights, and i mean MY rights to marry whom ever i choose and to be what ever i want and do with my body what i see neccessary for my survival( My rights to be free, remember america we do have rights). in his rememberance i will do the same for my children and the rest of the children of this state(i mean all children black, white, asian, hispanic, indian). We arent a bunch of dumb uneducated red necks like they think we are and its about time we showed them that we have brains. My mother, daughters, and nieces thank you mississippi for protecting their rights and i hope that we will do it again if neccessary.

  4. Paulien Jager says:

    No, Thank YOU!

    This european woman has been following this ellection closely and i am so happy that it didn’t pass. You have been a great person in all of this & all the others @ no on 26 too.

    It restores some of my lost faith in Americans. (lost b/c of Bush)


  5. DeeDee says:

    You’re my hero for the year. Thank you for everything you did!

  6. Your Neighbor in Louisiana says:


  7. Pro Life Mississippian says:

    Congratulations. Just goes to show that fear and lies still can sway elections. But hey, whatever it takes to win, I suppose. The big winner here tonight was the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood, who can continue to make their millions while slaughtering unborn children. But they couldn’t have done it without the invaluable contributions of the self-proclaimed “pro-life” people such as yourself, who fell hook, line and sinker for the propaganda they were spreading. The big loser is the thousands of innocent unborn children who will be murdered over the coming years at the hands of the abortionists. I hope you feel good about the aid and assistance you provided those people. We had a chance to end abortion in this state, but thanks to folks like you, abortion will continue. It’s just disappointing to see so many people believe the lies that were told about Initiative 26.

    • Nel says:

      @pro life mississipian you are not to decide for me or any of my female friends and relatives what medical procedures we choose for whatever reason. I am really shocked that people living in a so called democracy are so fundamental and will do anything to force their will upon others, reminds me of another group of fundamentalists who feel women are the property of men….


    • Chan says:

      Just goes to show that women can and will make decisions for themselves. This was nothing but a blatent attempt to control women and turn them into baby making machines. And it isn’t going to happen. We will not let it.

  8. Opposition from the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, RESOLVE, and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine is not Planned Parenthood propaganda.

    Neither is directly quoting Yes On 26, which you may have observed that we did at great length. (Unfortunately, most of that is now unavailable from the original sources, because Yes On 26 has decided to remove all of their content and their social media presence. Why would they do that if they stood behind what they said?)

    • Pro Life Mississippian says:

      So you are okay with abortion, as long as you can have your precious in vitro fertilization. Pretty selfish, if you ask me. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of babies available for adoption. But then again, that’s the common theme here among 26 opponents. Me, me, mine, mine. Most of these medical societies are controlled by liberals and are pro-choice, so they might as well be Planned Parenthood. So are the church groups who opposed 26, all predictibly liberal and therefore opposed to 26. Face it, your opposition to 26 has helped ensure more abortions in Mississippi. That’s the ugly truth you have to live with. Deal with it.

      • Nicole Bradshaw says:

        So the 58 percent of Mississippians who voted against initiative 26 are all liberals affiliated with Planned Parenthood? Somehow I doubt it. After all, we also elected conservative Republicans in most of the races held on the same day we voted against 26.

      • Wake up MS! says:

        @PLM: Are you for real? Now everybody is a liberal and might as well be Planned Parenthood? I knew it was only a matter of time until you yeson26 people would start trying to discredit doctors and medical societies. I would suggest next time you are sick, perhaps you should go see your conservative pastor instead of the doctors you disagree with. See how that works for you…

  9. B says:

    Thank You, Atlee! Thank You to all those who voted against 26!

  10. Danny says:

    No, “you” didn’t.

    26 failed big time, and I’m glad it did. And it seems that, for reasons of ideological sympathy and institutional pride, you’d like to claim this victory for your own campaign. But before you pat yourself on the back too hard, maybe consider all the help you had–all those others who thought 26 was a bad idea…such as those notorious birth-control, rape-exception, and IVF enthusiasts, the Roman Catholic Church.

    So ask yourself honestly: Did 26 fail because it was too “extreme” for Mississippians, as you’d like to tell yourselves, or might the fact that it wasn’t supported by institutions that are no less extreme in their ultimate intentions (as you duly note) give you pause? Maybe, just maybe, it failed because Mississippi voters joined the Catholics (and National Right to Life, etc.) in having the good sense to realize that the incrementalist pro-life strategy is wiser than the personhood strategy–that the courts for now will uphold pretty much any restrictions a state wants, but push them further than they’re willing to go right now and the result could be a fresh re-entrenching of Roe.

    Let’s not fool yourselves (or others). You are a moderate pro-choice organization. Your FAQs, “stories,” ads, etc., are filled with standard pro-choice language (the proper role of government, rights over one’s own body, all the standard euphamistic language employed by pro-choicers to avoid saying that it’s a baby and it’s being killed, etc.). The only difference is here it’s being employed, rather than for an honest, ideologically principled defense of legal abortion in general, instead merely for the limited situations that happen to hit close to your own particular situations. It’s understandable–I bet almost any pro-lifer, and almost any person in general for that matter, would think of abandoning his principles if something extreme enough hit close enough to his own backyard–but that doesn’t make it right.

    So again…ask yourselves whether you really pulled off this victory because an overwhelming majority of voters in the most uniformly pro-life state in the country don’t think a fetus (and you explicitly include fetuses, not just embryos, when mocking this position) is a person. Or do they just think what the Catholics and NRLC think, that 26 was strategically dumb? Ask yourself. And be honest.

    But in the meantime, congratulations. Honestly. We did do it.

  11. john says:

    If I were religious I am sure I would be thanking God that the lunacy of extremism had been stopped by the voices of sanity. I am not even from your part of the world, but the truth is that we live in a global village and what happens in a country such as the USA has its repercussions around the world. MS had me worried for a while. I have children who could be faced with this insanity if it were ever let loose anywhere in the world. So, particularly to folk like Mrs Breland but also to all of you who were able to and did say no, a great big thank you.

  12. Sharon says:

    I saw the story in today’s NYT Science section, and just wanted to thank you and your organization for all of your work to defeat Proposition 26.

  13. Jo Ann says:

    I am delighted about two things – in addition to the defeat of a misguided proposal, it’s very heartening to read about the ability of people with no special connections or large buckets of cash to have their voices heard and make a difference.

    My daughter’s still too young for something like this to affect her, but the idea that her life might be hugely devalued in the world the proponents of this sort of measure would like to see makes me very angry. An adult woman has rights too – pro life folks shouldn’t forget to be pro her life too.

    Congratulations on making a difference.

  14. connie says:

    Three times in my early 30s, doctors whisked me into emergency ectopic surgery soon after I discovered I was pregnant. Each time, all I knew was that I was experiencing bad cramping. This occurred 3x once per year, after the live birth of my daughter. Each time I couldn’t believe how close the call. The first time I was due to be on a red-eye flight, not in unexpected night surgery.

    There isn’t time to waste in these circumstances. It is critical to get the medical help you need and not dither about anything. Thank you, Mississippi, for helping anyone who might be in a situation like mine. It is scary beyond belief to have a sudden life-threatening problem when you are in perfect health otherwise. They never could tell me why this happened to me, no sign at all of endometriosis.