Dr. Eric Webb of Yes On 26 speaks about IVF restrictions

Tonight, gubernatorial candidate Phil Bryant held a “tele-town-hall” meeting together with the Yes On 26 campaign.

During this call, Dr. Eric Webb, whom we’ve talked about before, once again addressed the question of IVF and personhood.

Once again, Dr. Webb was explicit that Initiative 26 will impose sweeping changes on infertility treatment.

Freezing people will come to an end. Patients undergoing IVF will only be able to fertilize the number of embryos that the doctor will implant at once.

As our IVF FAQ explains in detail, it is functionally impossible to do IVF without cryopreservation. It’s even dangerous to the lives and health of the women who will become ill with OHSS.

It is functionally impossible to do IVF when you can attempt to fertilize no more than one or two eggs, which is the safe number of embryos to transfer. In that situation, the vast majority of women will have no embryos to transfer, and no chance at all for a pregnancy.

It doesn’t matter what the Yes On 26 flyers say. Those two changes effectively prohibit IVF, even if nobody ever uses the word “illegal” and “IVF” in the same sentence.

In those conditions, physicians will be unable to practice. That’s the medical reality, and the reality for YOU is that you’re not going to be able to do IVF in Mississippi if 26 passes.

Say I tell you that we’re not going to make driving illegal, but the fine print says that you can only buy one gallon of gas a month. How far do you think you’re going to go?

This isn’t a “scare tactic”. It’s the direct words of someone speaking for the Yes On 26 campaign. The only “lie” being told here is the one that’s being told by Yes On 26: their flyers say one thing, but the fine print says another.

They’re not honest enough to stand up and admit that 26 will end IVF in Mississippi, but that they think it’s a fair price to pay for ending elective abortion. Instead, they’re saying what they think voters want to hear, and hoping you don’t know enough about IVF to understand the implications.

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I'm a Mississippian, a Christian, a computer programmer, a wife, and -- thanks to infertility treatment -- a mother of three wonderful children.
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3 Responses to Dr. Eric Webb of Yes On 26 speaks about IVF restrictions

  1. Jeff Burdick says:

    Good luck to all couples starting their fertility/IVF journey. Inherent to this process are inevitable up’s and down’s. Sometimes the best medicine is a little humor. In this spirit, here is a link to a YouTube humor video I created about my wife and my journey called “What I learned at the Fertility Clinic.” Enjoy: http://tinyurl.com/3k2dzkb

  2. KR says:

    What about embryos that are already frozen? What will happen to them? Will it be illegal to thaw them?