Trust Families video

Parents Against MS 26 is proud to present our “Trust Families” video:

We’re real Mississippi mothers, and these are our real experiences. These are our families, and these are our stories, and these are our reasons for voting NO.

We ask that you join us in voting NO ON 26 on November 8.

About Atlee Breland

I'm a Mississippian, a Christian, a computer programmer, a wife, and -- thanks to infertility treatment -- a mother of three wonderful children.
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5 Responses to Trust Families video

  1. Elizabeth Feder Hosey says:

    This brought tears to my eyes! All women were once sweet baby girls who deserve to grow up to be treated with dignity and respect. I will vote NO for me, my sweet baby girl, and all other women and girls of Mississippi!

  2. Ashley says:

    Very well done. Moving. Can we PLEASE think about the individuals?

  3. Robin Durham says:

    thank you for that! All I knew of the Personhood Amendment to be voted on in Nov. was about abortion. If this is the situation, I hope the word will get out. My respect and gratitude to all those who told their story.

  4. Kelli says:

    This video has a lot of false information. I hope that you actually do some real research as I have before you vote. This is a scare tactic and a darn right lie.

    • It’s not a lie that Initiative 26 would prohibit the medication that saved Stacey’s life and her fertility. Ask Personhood Colorado how they feel about methotrexate.

      It’s not a lie that Initiative 26 would be used to prosecute women for stillbirth and miscarriage. Ask Rennie Gibbs, or Christine Taylor, or Samantha Burton, about their criminal prosecutions.

      It’s not a lie that Initiative 26 would have severe consequences for birth control. Ask Yes On 26 why their website says 26 would prohibit IUDs, or ask Personhood Colorado why they think that “the pill,” including all its chemical abortifacient variants like the patch, the ring, Depo-Provera and Norplant” are equivalent to abortion.

      It’s not a lie that Initiative 26 would prohibit aboriton even in case of rape and incest. Again, Yes On 26′s own website says that 26 would prohibit abortion in cases of rape and incest.

      Finally, it’s absolutely not a lie that Initiative 26 would effectively regulate IVF right out of existence. The statements of Dr. Eric Webb of Yes On 26 make it clear that 26 would effectively prohibit IVF because of the medical realities involved.

      So yes, I absolutely agree that everyone should do some research — and that means more than just reading someone’s FAQ/flyer on their website.