Beverly McMillan on birth control

For weeks now, Yes On 26 has been claiming that it won’t affect your access to birth control methods which are not abortifacient, and either implying or stating outright that it won’t affect birth control pills.

We’ve found a very important statement by a lady who is a driving force behind Yes On 26 that should make you reconsider.

Dr. Beverly McMillan is a Jackson OB-GYN who is a former abortion provider and, after a complete change of heart, is now the president of Pro-Life Mississippi. She is a highly respected member of the Yes On 26 Advisory board. She gives speeches on behalf of Yes On 26, and appears at their official press conferences.

What does Dr. McMillin believe about birth control pills? Here are her own words:

“In this impeccably researched book, Randy Alcorn takes an unblinking look at what medical experts know about how birth control pills work. I painfully agree that birth control pills do in fact cause abortions.

Could this possibly be any clearer? One of the most influential members of Yes On 26 believes that hormonal birth control causes abortions, and should be banned under the terms of Initiative 26.

Does anyone want to tell me again how Yes On 26 will NOT affect birth control pill access?

Edit: original link was changed to a more authoritative source for the exact same comment. You can find many other citations of the same quote through Google.

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I'm a Mississippian, a Christian, a computer programmer, a wife, and -- thanks to infertility treatment -- a mother of three wonderful children.
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  1. frank man says:

    Well here is a good source that says there is no evidence that the ill is an abortifacient:

    • There are sources on both sides of the issue which can be cited at length — read the work of Dr. Walt Larimore, which is cited in the above article (which I have previously read, and I think linked as well). This in itself is a key point: if the pro-life movement cannot even come to agreement amongst themselves on whether BCP has post-fertilization effects, they can’t make promises about what legislators and judges will decide.

      However, the question at hand here isn’t really what the science says. It’s what Yes On 26 says and believes, and what the proposed legal implementation will reflect.

      As the president of Pro-Life Mississippi and a key member of the Yes On 26 advisory board, Dr. McMillan would play an important role in making Yes On 26′s legislative recommendations. I think it’s very important that voters know what she believes, and it’s quite clear that she considers hormonal contraceptives to be equivalent to abortion.

  2. ForTheUnborn says:

    it seems as if planned parenthood and the ACLU, (aka Mississippians For Healthy Families), have begun to spin their web of lies in our state and as seems that it is paying off. please do not fall for the scare tactics. if there are any questions regarding birth control, IVF, miscarriages, etc..please refer to the horse’s mouth and not from the grapevine. the ACLU and Planned Parenthood have poured millions (last i heard it was 12 million) in order to protect their cash cow known as abortion. please do not fall for their tactics to preserve their No. 1 money maker. of course birth control will not become illegal neither will miscarriages nor IVF. use your heads people!!

    • So you’re saying that Dr. McMillan did not say that she believes that the birth control pill causes abortion? I’ve found many sources for the same quote, which you can easily check for yourself through the Google link.

      Quoting someone in their own words isn’t a lie.

  3. ForTheUnborn says:

    when it comes down to it, if passed, these issues will not be up to people like beverly mcmillan. these issues will be up to our legislators. i mean no disrespect to her, but WHO CARES what she says or what she believes??? and, for the record, the quote that you are referring to is an endorsement written by mcmillan in 1997 for a paper written on birth control. i must say that my views have changed tremendously in the last 14 years…mcmillan also use to perform abortions for a living; now she is the president for pro-life mississippi..i’d be willing to say that her views have probably changed as well.

  4. Nicole Bradshaw says:

    I personally only trust decisions about my healthcare to my own judgment and the advice of my doctor. I’d rather not have “our legislators” in on the decision at all, personally. That’s why I’ll be voting no on this amendment – because I prefer LESS government, not more.

  5. ForTheUnborn says:

    why vote if you do not trust your legislators? all of this to say, i’m not debating, just presenting the facts. for more information regarding the FACTS of personhood visit please do not fall for the scare tactics!

    • I trust legislators to make laws, and judges to interpret them. I don’t trust either one of them to answer MEDICAL questions, any more than I go to my doctor to get legal advice.

      As for scare tactics, we don’t need them: we’ve got the words of 26 supporters. For example, Dr. Eric Webb was kind enough to explain this morning how he believes 26 will result in restrictions on IVF that go far beyond embryo disposition.

      Once again, quoting someone isn’t a lie or a scare tactic. When you dig beyond the “because we said so” on your flyers, it’s perfectly clear that the unintended consequences are real and serious.

      I would have a whole lot more respect for the Yes On 26 side if they were willing to tell the truth, admit that there will be major impacts on birth control and IVF, and say that it’s more important to end elective abortion even if it has unfortunate consequences. Instead, they’re pandering to voters and trying to hide their true beliefs so that they can win an election.

  6. ForTheUnborn says:

    all of this to say, i am a firm believer in the miracle of life and believe that life begins at conception. i believe that, just like my two children were babies from the moment of fertilization, that every child is whether physically deformed, mentally retarded or simply conceived in the womb of an unwed 17-year-old. i have read both sides of the arguement and agree that, while it may seem a bit extreme, that it is needed in order to save the lives of many innocent babies that are killed daily in our state. i agree that lawmakers should not have absolute power over our lives but i also trust the decisions of my elected officials. while it is my understanding that the pill will not be effected, i have heard that the iud probably would. i had an iud until 6 months ago when i had it removed. if i have to give up one choice for birth control in order to save babies, then i will take that loss of ‘freedom’. that being said, i am not some extreme pro-lifer, just someone who believes that life begins at conception. if you do not believe the same (that is basically all that we are being asked, do you believe this is a person or do you not..yes or no) then, by all means, vote no. i respect everyone’s reasons for their decisions and believe that is why our government is set up the way that it is. god bless!

  7. Andrew says:

    You stated:

    ForTheUnborn :
    while it is my understanding that the pill will not be effected, i have heard that the iud probably would.

    Previously you stated:

    ForTheUnborn :
    of course birth control will not become illegal neither will miscarriages nor IVF. use your heads people!!

    Since you’ve reversed position and now believe that IUD’s probably will be affected by this amendment, are you retracting your accusation that Atlee is feeding into senseless fear mongering?

  8. ForTheUnborn says:

    if your read my quote correctly, you will see that i said BIRTH CONTROL will not become illegal. while an IUD is considered a form of birth control, so is the pill, a diaphragm, etc..i stand firm on my position and have by no means reversed it. BIRTH CONTROL will still be available! like i have said before, i believe that a baby is a person from the moment of conception so i will definitely vote ‘yes’ on 26. if you do not believe that a baby is a person from conception, then vote no. that is your right. the question at stake in november is whether or not a baby is a person at conception. it is a simple yes or no…@Andrew

  9. ForTheUnborn says:

    if your read my quote correctly, you will see that i said BIRTH CONTROL will not become illegal. while an IUD is considered a form of birth control, so is the pill, a diaphragm, etc..i stand firm on my position and have by no means reversed it. BIRTH CONTROL will still be available! like i have said before, i believe that a baby is a person from the moment of conception so i will definitely vote ‘yes’ on 26. if you do not believe that a baby is a person from conception, then vote no. that is your right. the question at stake in november is whether or not a baby is a person at conception. it is a simple yes or no…

  10. ForTheUnborn says:

    for the record, i was referring to Atlee’s comment “Does anyone want to tell me again how Yes On 26 will NOT affect birth control pill access?” notice, pill, that would be the birth control that i was referring to, no switches on my behalf! @Andrew

  11. Nicole Bradshaw says:

    I am certainly civil enough to agree to disagree with you, FTU. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you deserve yours as much as I deserve mine. That said, I’ll be voting no, so I can only assume that our votes will cancel each other out. See you at the polls.

  12. Pro Morality says:

    Is this website a joke? If you’re going to create a website please get the facts straight first. Most of what I’m reading is hearsay and, seriously, a quote from some a lady from 14 years ago. Besides, none of this matters anyway if you have any sense of morality at all. Is the baby a person or not?!!! Were you a person when you were conceived? Did your mother say at any time when she was carrying you in her womb that you weren’t a person? Thats all this amendment is saying…is this baby a person at conception. It’s so frustrating that you, having been allowed to live and breath thanks to your mother, can sit there and have any objection to a baby being able to live and breath! Oh well bless your heart…you might be inconvenienced because your specific form of birth control might be at risk! (which by the way is another fallacy) I feel sorry for you guys who care more about these pointless arguments than the life of a precious child. This is not a political issue but a morality issue by the way. Unbelievable!!! Hope you feel really good when you walk away from the polls knowing that you have sent thousands of more children to their death who otherwise could have been saved… but at least you will be certain to keep your IUD!!! Congratulations!!!

    • Beverly McMillan isn’t “some lady”. She’s the president of Pro-Life Mississippi and a member of the official Yes On 26 advisory board. She gives speeches for them. If there is one individual who is the “voice” of Yes On 26, it’s her.

      Quoting Dr. Webb (remember, he’s a major supporter of 26) isn’t hearsay either. Neither is quoting the Mississippi State Medical Association, or citing the American Journal of Obstetrics or the FDA-approved package inserts, or referring to the words of the physicians who actually perform infertility treatment. Yes, we have personal stories of patients too, who express their concerns; that’s why those are marked “Personal Story” right there in the title, so it’s clear that those are opinion pieces.

      So which part of the birth control thing is a fallacy? That it can prevent implantation? Check the package inserts, the medical literature, and the many pro-life sources which argue otherwise. That forms of the pill with post-fertilization impacts would be prohibited? Check the Yes On 26 website, which says right there in the FAQ that “forms of the pill which act to prevent implantation” will be prohibited. You can’t have it both ways. Either BCP doesn’t prevent implantation, implantation-preventing drugs and devices wouldn’t be prohibited, or BCP is going to get banned. It’s logically impossible to believe otherwise.

      By the by, those birth control pills and IUDs aren’t just conveniences — they are also MEDICAL TREATMENTS for health conditions. You can’t treat endometriosis or PCOS or menorrhagia with condoms. In many cases, they’re the only non-surgical treatment available for such conditions. For example, the specific disease which caused my infertility has no other treatment; if you have it, you must use hormonal contraceptives to replace the hormones your body doesn’t make on its own, to protect you from osteoporosis and heart disease.

  13. Pro Morality says:

    I’m sorry but again this is untrue. First of all I happen to know exactly who Beverly McMillan is and she is not the Voice for Yes on 26. The voice for 26 is Phil Bryant…I know this to be true because I heard him speak on this subject and he is all for it. He is a strong advocate for this amendment and a wonderful christian man. No disrespect to Beverly, she is a wonderful lady, a former abortionist who turned to God and turned away from abortion but Bryant has a little more pull than Beverly, don’t you think. I cannot even believe you said this about Beverly because I know her personally and just because she is the president of pro-life Ms doesn’t mean she is the voice behind it. I know several others who are considered to have more of a voice on this subject than her. God turned her heart away from this evil practice. She is totally against abortion now and will speak if she needs to but thats going way overboard to say she’s the voice.

    Dr. Webb, is a moral and ethical OB/GYN. Thank goodness he is more concerned about the life of a baby than about his bottom line or stepping on toes. He has said that this amendment aims to protect “newly formed humans” within the field of advanced human technologies such as IVF. I mean, come on, you can’t pick and choose what you want people to hear. He also says the consequences of not passing this amendment could leave these embryos as being treated as property and not persons. Do you really want that? Do you really want mass human production, genetic selection, human harvesting, or human trafficking. I guess you wouldn’t mind all that considering your immoral perspective.

    By the way, so you’re saying you’re all for birth control that is taken after fertilization. Because if you are don’t dare say you’re pro-life in any form. Let’s be clear, I am completely against taking the life of any child. If people want to prevent themselves from getting pregnant fine by me but not after the fact. That would be considered abortion. I don’t think you get that. Hormonal contraceptives will not be banned just those such as RU486 that allow a baby to be conceived and expelled. So your information is wrong in saying that hormonal contraceptives will be banned.

    I cannot even believe I’m discussing this because no matter what these are human beings that have been created by our God and it breaks his heart when someone such as yourself tries to argue that its o.k. in some instances to kill them. NO!!! Its never o.k! This is pure selfishness in every shape and form to be against something that could save over 2,000 babies a year in our state. I would hate to lay my head on the pillow at night knowing that I fought against something that would prevent thousands of innocent lives to be destroyed. I would hate to look my children in the face knowing that I was fighting against something that could potentially kill someone that could save their lives one day. So glad I’m not on your side! I seriously couldn’t live with myself knowing the blood of innocent babies was on my hands.

  14. I know a whole lot more about infertility treatment, and the ethics and moral considerations thereof, than you do. Unlike you, I actually know a little bit about the medical aspects, and unlike you, I actually had to make the hard calls about what treatments we should pursue. I absolutely guarantee you that I have spent much, much more time crying and praying and arguing and thinking about infertility treatment than you have.

    Unless you’ve actually walked in those shoes, how DARE you tell me how much an infertile woman values human life?

  15. As for the birth control thing, why don’t you ask Personhood Colorado what it thinks about ‘”the pill,” including all its chemical abortifacient variants like the patch, the ring, Depo-Provera and Norplant’?

    Here’s a hint:

    Such “contraceptives” are not contraceptive, but are mechanical (IUD) or chemical (pills) abortifacient “birth control.” … Recognizing personhood has no effect on true contraceptives that only prevent fertilization, including spermicide, natural family planning, and condoms. However, personhood would ban surgical abortion, more than 95% of which is for birth control, and it would prohibit any mechanical or chemical abortifacient that kills the tiniest boys and girls. ”

    Unlike Personhood Mississippi, which apparently thinks it’s okay to lie to voters to win an election, Personhood Colorado makes it perfectly clear that birth control pills and methotrexate for ectopic pregnancies are incompatible with fetal personhood.

  16. Finally, and this is the last point I’m going to make to you about IVF, doctors don’t create life, and they don’t mass-produce humans. Science can’t force an egg to fertilize, divide, and continue to do so. If it could, the IVF success rates would be 100%, which is absolutely not the case.

  17. Pro Morality says:

    I didn’t want to have to go here with you but you sort of asked for it. Since you think I’m judging you because I haven’t been through infertility well guess what Atlee, I have. I have been through, lets just say, more than one round of IVF. I have been through the praying and crying that you spoke of because of infertility problems. So, I guess I can talk it about it, huh? Just so I’m clear, I will still be voting yes on 26 because to me I care more about the sanctity of life than myself! I guess you care about the value of human life as long as it is within your own household.

  18. Did you limit your physician to attempting to fertilize no more than three eggs? Did you intend to do a fresh transfer of all your embryos, no matter how many you had? Did you preemptively choose to do a day 2 transfer, instead of going to blast if possible?

    If you didn’t, then by voting yes on 26, you’re voting to deny other women access to the same treatment you thought was acceptable for yourself. You’re the one who took actions which your own side says are violations of the embryonic personhood you claim to hold in such high esteem. You’re the one who cares more about your own household than about your principles.

  19. Pro Morality says:

    No Atlee, spin it any way you want it. I would gladly give up IVF for myself if I had to choose between that and killing thousands of other children. Do you know why Atlee, because its the right thing to do…bottom line. I know you feel like you’re fighting for a just cause and it makes you feel good but have you ever stood outside of an abortion clinic? Have you watched the women going in or out in agony because of what they are doing to their child? Have you been around women who are struggling to get through another day because of knowing their child has been murdered and it was their “choice”!!! I highly doubt it!!! Abortion is wrong, immoral, ungodly, Period. Anyone who tries to bring up all these other arguments on Personhood has been completely deceived. I am done with this conversation because you will never get it…maybe I’m wrong, hopefully I’m wrong. Your ACLU friends may applaud you but many children are crying out for mercy (too bad you have a deaf ear to them.)

  20. Easy to say when you’ve already got your family — that you got, I might add, by doing what some of your own side considers tantamount to abortion.

    The ends don’t justify the means. If you want to end elective abortion, go find a way to do it that doesn’t trample on families’ rights to use birth control, seek infertility treatment, and manage life-threatening pregnancy complications. You wouldn’t ask someone to give up their right to vote or bear arms in order to end elective abortion. Why is it OK to force me to give up my rights to make my own medical decisions on subjects which have nothing to do with abortion?

  21. Nicole Bradshaw says:

    Ahem – even our founding fathers evidenced a healthy distrust of their government. Our whole constitution, bill of rights, etc., was desigend to limit the government’s powers so that it would not get out of control and become oppressive.

  22. Pro Morality says:

    What is wrong with you people? Once again, Atlee you are assuming things that aren’t true…I didn’t say thats how I got my family and I said I would give any of that up to save a child’s life. Stop your fear mongering…IVF will NEVER be outlawed…do you not get that!!! All I have heard from this website is ME ME ME!!! You certainly think alot of yourself because all you want to talk about is all of your rights…what about the child who will die because of your “no” vote. Do you care about that child’s rights at all? Of course you don’t or you wouldn’t have this website. I certainly don’t want more government but this is not a political issue, its a moral issue! You guys have the nerve to whine and bellyache because you might lose your precious rights while all the while you don’t seem to care about the unborn’s rights! Feel free to come back with other pointless arguments that make yourself feel better about voting against life. I will not be giving any more attention to this bogus website. I challenge you to come stand in front of the abortion clinic one day and see the sorrow and guilt and pain these women are going through. I bet I won’t see you there though…no way! No offense but I feel sorry for you, any of you who vote against these precious babies lives created in the image of God and who keep this amendment from passing. It will all be on you. Every day that I stand in front of the clinic and see more lives destroyed in that horrible place I will think of how hard you and your friends fought for that very thing. Can’t have it both ways! That night, on Nov. 8, if they say the initiative was not passed, go ahead and pat yourself on the back but at the same time do not forget you fought to have 2,000 more babies destroyed the next year at the clinic downtown. You will not be able to sugar coat it so don’t even try. Yes, I guess we’ll just cancel each others votes out but rest assured, I will at least know I fought to save them. The only comfort I will have is knowing they are in God’s hands and their blood will not be on mine. God Bless.

    • You don’t have to say that IVF is outlawed to make it illegal. Saying, as Dr. Eric Webb and Jennifer Mason of Personhood USA have suggested, that doctors will be limited to attempting to fertilize only three eggs, and cannot freeze embryos, is effectively outlawing it.

      It’s the equivalent of saying “Cars are legal, but you can only buy one gallon of gas at a time”.

      Go ask your reproductive endocrinologist whether he thinks he’ll still be able to practice if personhood passes. Dr. Parry (a state employee) can’t speak publicly on the issue, but Dr. Hines has been very publicly opposed to 26, and Dr. Isaacs is as well. Since they’re the only three infertility physicians in Mississippi, I think their opinions are pretty relevant here.

  23. DM says:


    I don’t call legitimate questions and specific quotes from the different parties “scare tactics”. I am so sick of hearing the YES people say that everyone against this initiative is using “scare tactics” to convince people this is bad. Mr. Mason himself (the man who started the movement for personhood several years ago in Colorado) has said that he does NOT know what the legal ramifications would be if this passes. So how can the YES people say that it will not do this or that? This initiative has shown many examples of how childish some grown people can be. There are too many people who refuse to read and make their own choices and instead put their fingers in their ears and sing “can’t hear you” just because they don’t want to believe that they could be wrong!